Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adaptations of Newspaper Articles as Readings / School Rules

I work in an IB school and as such our administration routinely challenges us to ensure that our curriculum is relevant to current world events and that it encourages students to cultivate opinions regarding issues that affect them. I have tried to fulfill this expectation- with varying degrees of success- throughout this year as I have focused on developing as a Comprehensible Input teacher. Of the units that I have had the greatest success- measured in terms of engaging students in a meaningful discussion around issues that concern them and by the amount of language acquired by students- was one dedicated to the theme of "school rules." In order to provide my students with a context to discuss how and why schools develop rules, I began searching for current events that would be of some interest while at the same time provide the necessary comprehensible input. Here are three readings I adapted from newspaper articles for use throughout this unit. The articles led to some very lively discussions in the classroom regarding the various issues schools have to contend with when establishing rules. The first is about a school in England that fines parents for dropping students off to school late.

La Escuela Que Multa

The second has to do with the phenomenon of cyber bullying and whether or not schools have a responsibility to intervene in cases of online bulling.


The third and final article, reports on various characteristics of the public schools in Finland while comparing them to schools here in the United States.

El Secreto de Uno de Los Mejores Sistemas Educativos Del Mundo

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