Friday, February 13, 2015

Ten Word Summary

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The ten-word summary is another strategy from Reading Rockets. Here's how I used it in my classes:

1. I put students into pairs and handed each student one of the ten-word summary sheets below.

2. Students number each paragraph.

3. Student A reads the first paragraph. Student B summarizes what Student A read. Students alternate roles until the selection is over.

4. Review the passage by using equity cards/sticks to ask questions to check for understanding.

5. Combine pairs of students to form groups of four. Have groups compare their summary sentences and then decide on who wrote the best summaries and why.

6. Pass out poster paper and have students write up their group summaries.

7. Use the posters to do a gallery walk and have students compare summaries and decide on the main events or crucial details of the selection.

Love to do this activity to ensure comprehension of a chapter before moving forward in a novel.

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